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Pot still, small batch Florida Handcrafted 70 Proof Rum. Tastes Like Vacation - CODE MANGO TANGO immediately conjures up visions of warm, Caribbean Islands with clear turquoise waters, palm trees and sandy beaches with your feet in the sand while you hold one of our famous Mango TangoRita’s (a margarita with Mango Tango Rum instead of tequila) or Mango Mojitos! CODE MANGO TANGO RUM is best used for boat drinks such as Mango Mojitos, frozen Mango Daiquiris, Mango Coladas, Mango TangoRita or mixed with Lemonade, Sprite/7 Up or straight up on the rocks. Escape to our carefree life under Florida Tiki Huts and warm sandy beaches with CODE MANGO TANGO RUM.

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