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Pot still, small batch Florida Handcrafted 70 Proof Rum. The most amazing infusion of rum and sweet spices making CODE SPICE RUM totally different than any other spiced rum available; CODE SPICE RUM (70 proof, pot still, small batch, handcrafted Florida rum) is a “sweet sipping spice rum” infused with a number of the more enjoyable and pleasantly smooth spices such as vanilla beans, nutmeg, orange zest, butterscotch and a handful of others. CODE SPICE RUM is best used either sipping cold, on the rocks or as the prime rum for your favorite, “go to” rum cocktails such as the Cuba Libre (rum/Coke/Lime), CODE SPICE and Ginger Beer (our version of a Dark and Stormy), as a FLOATER or base rum for Pina Colada’s and Daiquiris. And for the cooler months; CODE SPICE RUM with Eggnog or in a “Hot Buttered Rum” simply cannot be beat. Oh…if you’re into cooking or baking with rum; CODE SPICE RUM’s spices stand out and are a delight to work with.

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