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Pot still, small batch Florida Handcrafted 70 Proof Rum. A sensual blend of both the sweetness of cane sugar and tartness of fresh Florida Key Limes. CODE KEY LIME RUM (70 proof, pot still, small batch, handcrafted Florida rum) is best when used as the primary ingredient for rum punch (Winner of International Rum and Cane Spirits Competition) and those “boat drinks” we are all familiar with such as Mojito’s, Daiquiris (Strawberries with CODE KEY LIME RUM is awesome), Pina Coladas, Key Lime Martinis and others. CODE KEY LIME RUM is also used for, are you ready for this, Bloody Mary’s also known as a “Bloody Pirate!” And if you want something cool, refreshing and tasty mix CODE KEY LIME RUM with Lemonade or Sprite or Coke/Diet Coke. You can’t go wrong with CODE KEY LIME RUM.

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