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Pot still, small batch Florida Handcrafted 80 Proof Rum. Harken back to days of old when rums were made by artisans seeking to make the very best rums they could. CODE SILVER Rum (80 proof, small batch, twice to three times distilled, pot still, handcrafted rum) is such rum. CODE SILVER’s unique flavor starts by our using a combination high quality, restaurant grade molasses and cane sugar for our fermentation process. Once fermentation has matured, we then twice distill our rum taking deep heads and tails cuts leaving only the silky smooth heart of the run for bottling. Each pot still batch is taste tested to determine by taste (not some computer or math formula) when to cut the heart of the run out and bottle it. If you like high quality, silver/blanco rums you will thoroughly enjoy CODE SILVER RUM.

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