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Came to market in 1991. It displays a graceful body protecting the wine in the cellar. Courvoisier Collection Erte is the most precious of all the Cognac Brandies. Due to its a carefully chosen Brandy in 1892 (the year that Mr. Erte was born), there are only twelve thousand bottles of each edition. However, only four thousand bottles of the eighth edition are in existence worldwide. Because of its meticulous design, collectors spend top dollar to have Courvoisier Erte in their collection. There are eight editions of Erte on the market, first becoming available in 1988. Currently, the most expensive brandy is the first edition of Erte, and the price of every edition increases annually due to its rarity. Mr. Erte personally designed all the artwork for all eight editions. He is a talented artist who immersed himself in painting for about 70 years. His use of his sharp observation, wealthy imagination and his innate artistic abilities to produce these works has led to his title: Master of Art Deco.