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Belle Meade Bourbon Cask Strength Reserve is a small batch bourbon, with each batch comprised of seven barrels that are blended together at the Green Brier Distillery in Tennessee. Originally sourced from MGP, the barrels range in age from 7-11 years. Thankfully, Bourbon Cask Strength Reserve is available nationally, since you’ll want to seek this out.

The nose is full of rich warm flavors of cinnamon, baking spice, rye spice, and spiced syrup. These are combined with a heavy punch of ethanol. The palate is sweet and full of cinnamon apples, baked pie crust, allspice, a touch of caramel, and plump raisins. Heat is present, although it’s not overpowering and allows you to savor the sip and pull apart the flavors. The sip ends on a warming finish where the heat makes itself known. Baked cinnamon apple pie, a touch of raisins, oak, and rye spice all linger a while along with a heat that stays in your mouth for just the right amount of time.