4 PACK CANS ( 240 ML )

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The freshness! The enjoyment! Alberto Spritzer puts that good feeling on the palate. That taste of summer joie de vivre. All with super-premium quality from Austria - 100 percent!

And for even more fun, it sparkles as either white or rosé. Alberto Spritzer white combines the appeal of typical Austrian white wines: animated vibrance with spicy freshness. It tingles on the palate, perfectly chilled - just the way you like it.

Alberto Spritzer rosé is also seductively cool and refreshing, with the best Zweigelt grapes lending peppiness and subtle berry-cherry aromas and flavours. To ensure that Alberto Spritzer tastes so invigorating and natural, it contains only pure Austrian mineral water. 100 percent!

Alberto Spritzer also shows off a fine figure, thanks to its elegant slim-line can. And with its quarter-litre content, you can be sure of what this delicious drink will always be: Fresh!