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Tasting Notes: Fig jam, blackberries, chocolate syrup, toasted oak, raisin. Full-bodied, with a layered, sweet wine finish.

Our limited edition finishing series celebrates the union of Tennessee High Malt into a variety of classic finishing casks. Crafted from a combination of unique bourbon mash bills, each containing over 25% specialty malt, each batch is made to complement the flavor characteristics of the finishing barrel.

For our first finish, our distillers sought out one of the most famous fortified wines of Portugal, Tawny Port. Our finishing casks come from the eastern most edge of the famous Douro valley bordering Spain, known as Duoro Superior. This region yields some of the highest quality Tawny Ports of the region, noted for their rich, caramel-sweet, fruit-forward characteristics.

To highlight and enhance the qualities of these finishing barrels, our distillers brought together a custom blend of 6 Tennessee High Malt mash bills, selected together for their fruity wine-line flavors and aromas. Aged for over 3 years, including 6 months in the Tawny Port casks, the result is a celebration of one of the world’s most iconic wine styles alongside our very own Tennessee High Malt.