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The BHAKTA 50 bottle you are looking at is perhaps one of the rarest drink known to mankind. Its Armagnac brandy kissed by smokey Scotch casks it represents the best of two worlds.  Over five generations, as emprires and nations rose and fell, this brandy has slumbered.  It represents an opportunity to buy time and taste ages past through a liquid whose existence is miraculous.

The oldest spirits in the bottles, distilled in 1868 or over 152 years old, were born of vines planted around the time of Abraham Lincoln's birth,  They were poured into barrels made from trees pre-dating the American Revolution.  The youngest spirits in the blend were distilled before the invention of the home computer or cellphone, when the Soviet Union and United States vied for global supremacy.  These "young" spirits, of at least 50 years old, are yet older than nearly all other whiskeys on the market.   Each bottle contains six other vintages between 1878 and 1965 making the average age of the blend over sixty years old with each vintage in the BHAKTA being hand-selected and then blended to bring out the best of the others.  

This brandy's remarkable story and journey spans continents and centuries, and continues to this day.   Its antiquity and rarity, with only 38 barrels released, not to mention its exquisite taste, making each bottle almost enigmatic. 

Such a remarkable bottle could easily make it a treasured centerpiece in nearly any collection. 

A lovely nose of honey and butterscotch. Initial notes of floral citrus and vanilla, with just a hint of peat. Islay smoke enters later, circulating on the palate with a deep oakiness. Finish is spicy, with white pepper to complement final notes of caramel and plum.