4 PACK CANS ( 16 OZ )

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*insert dial-up internet sounds here*
We’ve been making some tweaks in our IPA process slowly, but surely, and we wanted to throw together a new IPA that showcased these changes on top of a lighter body, in the hopes of achieving a better balance. And dag-gummit, we think we did it! Or at least, the computers do…

Mashed with Riverbend 2-Row, Proximity Mid-Atlantic Wheat and Dextrin, and some Flaked Wheat for good measure. Hopped in the whirlpool with Citra, fermented with our House IPA yeast, dry-hopped with Mosaic, and then dry-hopped yet again with MORE Mosaic, Belma, and a slathering of Citra Lupomax.

We experience Mango sorbet drizzled with Lemon preserves, those little Strawberry hard candies that your grandma used to have all the time, a whole mouthful of mixed berries, and a balanced dankness to tie it all together. We’re stoked on this one, ferrrrr sure.

Fun fact: “Cryo” is actually a trademark. “Lupomax” is also concentrated hop oil pellets made by way of freezing with liquid CO2 and separating out the leaf material before pelletizing, but from a different supplier! Learning is fun!

7.6% ABV