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Peiragal is an ancient word in dialect that identifies gently sloping hills composed of very compact argillaceous limestone and big stones. This type of soil limits the amount of rainwater that is absorbed, causing the roots to grow deeply in search of moisture which then rises through capillary action from the lower layers. As a result, the vine produces loosely-packed bunches of berries and, therefore, a highly structured wine that is moderately acidic and has a balanced alcohol content with understated, delicate tannins

The one-year maturation in small, medium-toasted, French oak barrels allows the wine to attain a perfect balance between tannins, acidity and alcohol. The oak imparts a soft hint of wood to the wine in addition to the other aromas and tastes. No flavor overpowers, instead they all blend together in one uniquely pleasant experience. Barbera Peiragal matures 2 years after being harvested and reaches its peak condition between 2 and 5 years of age.

This wine is ruby red in color with brilliant garnet borders. Its fresh and lively nose has distinct traces of blackcurrant, berries, toasted hazelnut and vanilla. Immediately pleasant, balanced and harmonious, the taste is elegant with soft tannins. The spicy and woody notes blend together perfectly.

Reviews and Awards

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92 / 100
Blueberry and chocolate aromas follow through to a full body with juicy fruit and hints of orange peel. Delicious, as always.
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90 / 100
The Marchesi di Barolo 2017 Barbera d'Alba Peiragal opens to a dark and inky, rich appearance followed by plummy fruit, dried blackberry and blackcurrant. The wine is frank, easy-drinking and thick in fruity fiber and richness. This wine definitely flaunts the heat and excessive nature of the vintage that works so well with the Barbera grape.