Color: Golden amber

Aroma/ Nose: bold, highly perfumed and packed with immediate toffee, fudge, wood spice and dark dried fruit aromas - cinnamon and raisins.  Underneath is a lovely aroma of stewed apples and toasted almonds along with hints of apricot jam, cocoa powder and something savoury and slightly earthy.

Mouthfeel: a wonderful velvety viscous feel

Taste/ Palate: sweet, fruity notes with more savoury and spicy ones.  Initial flavors include cooked pears and apples, vanilla, toffee and milk chocolate, followed by raisins and dried apricots along with an increasing woody spiciness which begins to dry the palate out.  Also hints of earthy mushrooms or damp autumn leaves. Undertones of burnt orange and ginger add even more depth. 

Finish: long, rich and warming as the sweetness fades to leave a pleasant drying and slightly peppery spiciness.