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This rum was a specialty Item made for just the owners of Industrias Licoreras (Distillery) for many years. This rum is produced in a small town in Guatemala which it's name is (Zacapaneca ). In this small town the majority of the population make their income from artisan products made from "Royal Palm". Which is considered art. The artisans pride themselves in making this masterfully crafted, hand-woven wrapper for Ron Zacapa. This rum is aged like no other rum in the carribean. After distilling is complete they rest the rums in American oak barrels. The altitude where they age the rum, in Bodegas is 8,000 feet above sea level where the weather is cool and limits the loss of a considerable amount of rum that naturally evaporates during the aging process. In some countries the lost product is called the (Angels Share). This allows the rum to have the aging of 23 years. Many experts consider this rum to be the best in the world. This rum has earned its place in the history books as a benchmark for super premiums. First place winner in the premium rums category in the 1998,1999,2000 and 2001 International Rum Festival tasting Competition. In 2003 it was honored by the International Rum Festival as the first rum ever to be inducted into it's hall of fame. Highest Rum score in the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago (98 point Rating). This rum's dark brown amber color sets the tone for an exciting drinking experience. Well-rounded oak aroma speaks of aging and refinement. In th

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