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The Balvenie Peated Whisky was originally an experiment for innovation that started back in 2002 by distillery manager Ian Millar. After tasting the sweet, smoky liquid that was produced, the distillery has dedicated one week per year as "Peat Week" to continue creating the wonderfully different style of the Balvenie.

The introduction of peat can drastically alter the flavor of the other barley and malts being produced. This is why each year, Peat Week takes place right before distillery shutdown, or "silent season," an opportune time as maintenance is performed and all traces of the peat are removed. Malt Master David Steward MBE has been sampling and aging the Peat Week yields since 2002, and now in 2017 has decided it was finally ready to release as a new addition to the Balvenie range. We invite you to try the combination of the tradition rich and honeyed flavors of The Balvenie you've come to love with the delicate sweet peat smoke, 14 years in the making.

Made from 100% Peated Barley with Highland's Peat
Matured exclusively in American Oak Casks
Aged 14 Years, 202
Vintage Limited Availability