750 ML     (Reg: $10.99) LAST CHANCE

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Aroma: “Strong goat and horse blanket. Mild fruity notes up front with a medium sour note that is a little more dominant. Blackberry notes with a slight oakiness, moderate acetic tartness, and light malt sweetness. Low aromatics, but very pleasant blend of acids and malt caramel, dark fruit.”

Flavor: “Very nice sour flavor—goat and horse blanket. Intriguing tobacco, oak, and mesquite/cedar notes on top of light fruit notes of cherries and figs, with burnt sugars and malt bread in the finish. An earthy, musty cellar flavor. Crisp carbonic complements the lactic flavor with aggressive tartness and slight oakiness. Body has a touch of fruity sweetness but is hidden by the sour.”

Overall: “Very refreshing sour with a suprising depth of acidity types. The oak character gets a little overwhelmed by the sea of sourness. Fruitiness has a lime or grapefruit character. There’s low-level wild character and woody-tobacco notes that are within the broad style and make this beer very fun.”