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Upcoming Holiday Time Changes

Christmas Eve, Monday, 12/24 - Local Delivery will stop at 6:00 PM and will restart Wednesday, 12/26
Christmas Day, Tuesday, 12/15 - All Stores will be CLOSED. Stores will reopen Wednesday, 12/26.
New Years Day, Tuesday, 1 /1 - No Local Delivery service, will restart Wednesday, 1/2.



Clipper Filtered Light 100's are filter-tip cigars that are a pleasure to smoke. These cigars are made with an enticing blend of fine tobaccos that offer a relaxing aroma. These cigars have a tobacco sheet wrapper for the outer layer, which complements the mild flavors of the tobacco and enhance the overall smoke quality. This pack contains cigars that have a milder flavor providing a lighter and more airy smoke than full-flavored varieties. They are designed to give you a clean and enjoyable smoke and are good choices for new cigar smokers.