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Enjoy the very essence of French good taste with Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc – a exquisitely fruity 5% French wheat beer that is crafted to refresh. The deliciously hazy yellow beer is brewed with a light French touch to give subtle aromas and delicate layers of citrus fruits and coriander spice. The taste of a life well lived, the timeless flavor is best enjoyed with friends, whether to celebrate a special occasion or just to share the quality time that comes with good companions. Like all alcohol, moderation is elegant, and 1664 Blanc is best enjoyed with fine cuisine, especially in partnership with French cheeses, seafood and complementary fruit. The stylish 11.2oz blue bottle and premium taste make 1664 Blanc the perfect partner in shared moments of joie de vivre. Best served at 37.4 F in a tall chilled 1664 glass to enhance the flavors and control the creamy foam. Taste the French way of life with 1664 Blanc.

Food Pairings

  • Seafood such as Cod, Scallops or Mussels
  • Fruit and cheese plates
  • Salads
  • Chicken


  •  An exquisitely fruity French wheat beer with a layered taste profile
  • Crafted to refresh with delicate layers of citrus fruits and coriander spice
  • Premium 5% ABV in a stylish 11.2oz blue bottle
  • Perfect enjoyed with cheeses, seafood and fruit
  • Best served in a tall chilled 1664 glass (ideally 37.4°F)