Our Story

Barry BroudyThe Broudy’s story is a microcosm of the American Dream.

My sister Joan and I are proud third generation Broudy family members to own and manage our community-focused group of five stores in northeast Florida.  The first store was started in St. Augustine by my grandmother in the 1920’s. Our early beginnings as a small grocer’s family were humble, but our family’s beliefs in a strong work ethic and customer service have fostered a sterling reputation for almost a century.
My grandfather passed away when my father, Martin “Baby” Broudy, was only five years old. My grandmother fed the family by killing chickens that my father delivered on his bicycle. Eventually, we expanded into produce. Then my father had the idea of selling spirits by the case. When it came time to close the grocery stores he had built, my dad gave away the remaining inventory to people who needed it. That’s probably why our stores and employees still do so much charitable work in the communities we serve.

Broudy’s supports causes in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Fruit Cove and Fleming Island. Doing good in our communities sets us apart from outsider “mega” stores. Broudy’s cares.
Broudy’s also believes that we must forge memorable customer experiences that transform ordinary into extraordinary.  We work with distillers, brewers and vintners to delight you. Broudy’s wants to be sure that we constantly hear your input and build long lasting bonds that go beyond the normal retailer-customer relationship. We offer in store pickup, local delivery, and even FedEx to most locations in the U.S..

Any liquor store can sell you a bottle. Broudy’s is different. That’s why our experts are educated to explain the benefits and nuances of the product, so that you can enjoy it even more with your family and friends. We take great pride in the benefits you experience from shopping in any of our locations.

The Broudy’s Liquors story has yet to be fully written. We hope that you will be a part of that story for many years to come.

Barry Broudy