Looking Back on 2015

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Posted: 1/14/2016 1:11:44 PM

Well, another year has pulled an Elvis and left the building, but it didn’t make the getaway without leaving some lasting impressions on our Broudy’s family.  Sure, there were times when we wanted to throw it right out the window and replace it with a year more to our liking.  Say, 1976. That simply wasn’t feasible, though, given all the polyester involved, so, instead, we hung in there with 2015 and hoped for the best.

In general, we did pretty well. All of our Broudy’s stores are operating at top capacity. We’re stocking cool items from around the world that you just aren’t likely to find in most stores.  The best part is this; all the cool, hard-to-find stuff is right there in the shelves, next to the products that you expect and love.

Take craft beer for instance. Go to our Cobblestone store in the St. Augustine area.  Just the other day, I wandered into our giant craft beer cooler at the back of the store. I was there to help a customer fill a pick-up order.  There it was! Within the long reach of the Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad 750ml that I came in to retrieve, was the Stone Brewing Smoked Porter!

Let me explain that the Stone Brewing Smoked Porter has done its best to define what has now become one of the greatest impacts and influences on American home brewers of craft.  Near limitless exploration of craft is the trademark of the company, and that new pursuit of greatness tends to rub the noses of some foreign brewers in American craft beer.

Stone Brewing Smoked Porter & Imagine pairing it with anything from peanut butter and banana sandwiches to braised pork belly and apple pie.   Mmmmm!  Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but Boy Howdy, it’s for adventurous craft drinkers.  Best of all, you don’t even have to leave your house to get it.

Thanks to a slick new website that we debuted late in the year, you, your friends, your family, and even your evil minions may go to www.broudys.com and shop to your heart’s content.  When you’re ready, you simply click through the purchase process, and wait for whatever was in your shopping cart to arrive on your front step by FedEx. If you live near any of our stores, you can brave the snowbird drivers and order ahead for pick-up! It’s fast, easy and very convenient.  I used to date someone like that.

We had a great time celebrating St. Augustine’s anniversary in 2015.  We met new friends from around the world who came to our city, and we caught up with those old friends who came back for the festivities.  It was over before we knew it, though.  It seems like we shouldn’t wait for chronological milestones to keep in touch with one another.  That’s why we improved and increased our Facebook and Twitter presences in October.  I invite you to follow us for store news, product info, events, and generally silly comments that I tend to make from time to time. 

2015 was a year for events that we hoped you enjoyed.  We sponsored radio station live music concerts, we dressed up like pirates, and we hosted so many tastings in our stores that we started to take pictures and post them online, so that we could remember all of our valued customers who attended.    

Oh…and we started this blog.  I’ll try to do them every week, but don’t count on it.  I have very sensitive skin that requires that I wear gloves, lest I get blisters on my fingers from typing. At least that is what I tell my web master.

Finally, looking back at 2015, I have to thank you for being a loyal customer.  It’s your business and your sense of glee when you find a rare beer, wine or spirit in our stores that keep us going.  You are the reason we scour the world for products that set Broudy’s apart from other stores.  My dad would have been proud to see the happy faces that leave our neighborhood stores.

So, now that the New Year is here and we are about to learn what 2016 has planned for us, let’s walk the road to together, and remember, “Life’s Short, Drink Better!”

Happy New Year,

Barry Broudy