• Does or Can Broudy's SHIP products to ...?  
    The simple answer is that Broudy's CAN ONLY SHIP to addresses within the State of Florida!  If the destination address is :
    • Within one of our delivery zones, surrounding each of our five store locations, we maybe able to deliver your order within about an hour ( click here to verify address for delivery areas and times )

    • Within the State of Florida but outside of our Local Delivery area Broudy's uses FedEx to ship packages to most addresses within the State of Florida ( click here to verify address for delivery and processing times ). 

    • Outside of the State of Florida and you plans bring you to one of our store locations in near future we will gladly hold your orders for Store Pickup otherwise, while we thank you for thinking of Broudy's for you liquor needs we just will not be able to fulfill your order. 

  • How do I, get on the lists/purchase "Pappy" Van Winkle,  Blantons,  and/or other rare or difficult-to-locate products?
    If a product is very difficult to find, or if there are very limited supplies, Broudy’s many times maintains waiting list of customers who would like to purchase them. These lists are just one of many exclusive member benefits for Broudy’s “MEMBER” participants.  If you are not already a member, JOIN NOW. it’s fast, easy and completely FREE!

  • What if the product I am looking for is not on your website?
    There almost seems to be unlimited number of products available, and the list seems to continue to grow almost on a daily so there is no way we could even hope to get or stock all of them but we always try to keep as large a variety as we can.   Some items are only available in certain times of the year/Season and will come and go from the website while others are just not not available in our area or are speciality/extremely limited. If this is not the case please Contact Us.  Note: If you are interested in an extremely limited item like "Pappy Van Winkle" these will never be listed on the website and will be ONLY made available from time to time via "sign up" order lotteries sent to Broudy's Members (See Member/Speciality Items note above).

  • When I was browsing the Broudy's site I saw a item that was listed but says not available for my store or I changed stores and the item was removed from my cart? 
    While most items are available at all Broudy's locations, there are exceptions.  Additionally there are some items due to shape, size, weight, potential for breakage among other reasons that Broudy's has limited orders for these items to be for Local Delivery, Store and Local Delivery Orders only.  If you have any questions on getting a specific product Contact us.

  • What if I would like assistance with choosing a gift?
    Our Goal is always to provide you with as much information as possible to help you make a selection that you or your gift recipient will enjoy. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like assistance in choosing a product.

  • May I place an order by phone?
    Typically, all orders must be placed through our website. However, if you are having problems ordering, please Contact Us.

  • What do I do if I did not receive an order confirmation in my email inbox, spam or junk folders?
    Please notify a Broudy’s shipping representative at Contact Us.