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Posted: 1/12/2016 12:52:12 PM

If you are a regular visitor to our website, you’ve probably noticed that 2016 took on a slightly different feel. When you landed on our front page, after the mandatory “age gate” that okays your use of our page (It makes the attorneys happy), you’ve been met by our big, sliding messages and artwork.

In the last few months, we’ve seen baseballs with eyes to celebrate the National Pastime, fighting football helmets for Florida-Georgia Weekend, and various ornaments, presents and holiday scenes at year-end. There have been whimsical cartoon “party animals,” lots of customer pictures, some games, a few really superb product offers, a not-so-angry bird promoting our Facebook page, and tons of creative ways to honor America.

All these things tell you that the people who you meet at all of our Broudy’s stores are nice and friendly people who reflect what Florida really is: Easy going, friendly and fun.  What we really haven’t told you about is our passion for excellence in the spirits, wines and brews that you enjoy.

That is about to change.

Very soon, our website will take on a new look and feel that mirrors what you, our customers, are passionate about, too, not just the kinds of lives you lead. You’ll see pictures of hard-to-locate beverages that you want the most. There will be more storytelling and background about the products you most desire. You’ll have an opportunity to learn, too. You will hear how to tell good vintages from bad, single malts from the rest, and why your craft beer tastes like a whiff of the ocean. You’ll discover a world of food/wine pairing that you have no idea exists.

There will be camaraderie and comments, celebrations and salutations, and a whole new look, of course.  Already, you may have a picture painted in your mind. It’s probably something that reminds you of tradition, home and better days. Besides, by the time November rolls around, we all may want an adult beverage.