Where Were You? - Barry Broudy

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Posted: 8/4/2016 12:55:27 PM

It was very early on Sunday morning. In the shadowy last call light of a popular club, in a world class city known for its happiness, a crowd of people, soaked with the joyful  perspiration of dance and the unrelenting glow of youth, had gathered to celebrate their lives, their pride and each other.

The revelry that comes with a cool drink on a muggy night came to a tragic end at the hands of one deranged man, who possessed no celebration in his soul, no love for life, and no conscience.

At Broudy’s Liquors, we don’t take any political position, nor do we wish to engage in the finger pointing. Instead, we memorialize our fellow Floridians who, like us, enjoy the company of friends.

We mourn awhile. We love always. We bow our heads and pray for our freedom. We remember where we were when we heard. And we’ll never forget.

Finally, we celebrate the lives of those with whom no one will ever dance again.

We stand with love. We stand with freedom. We stand with Orlando.